Animal Capture and Removal

While most people appreciate wildlife, it is essential to maintain an acceptable level of safety within the home or office where an animal is concerned. Our goal is to quickly and humanely address any problems our customers might have with a wild animal, and at the same time, preserve and protect the life of the animal in question. Safe and effective Wildlife Trapping and Removal plays a very important role in our success.


Trapping and removing the animal is only the beginning step in the process.  It is also crucial that preventative measures be taken to ensure the problem does not become a recurring issue.  We can evaluate the area in question and develop the best possible means of keeping similar, or other animals from accessing the same area, basically animal proofing your house.

Repair Damage

A wild animal can, and will do a surprising amount of damage to your home. The removal of siding, large amounts of fecal matter being left, destruction of heating and air ducts, and destruction of electrical wires are but a few of the damages that can result from an wild animal taking up residence in a home or office. Not only do these damages create less than desirable living conditions, they can, in some cases, create a hazardous situation that demands immediate attention.

Odor Control

We utilize an excellent line of products that enable us  to get rid of the terrible odors wild animals leave behind. Feces, urine, guano, skunk spray, and even decay as a result of a dead animal left in or under your home can result in residual odors for an extensive period of time. We can address these issues, and coupled with our Exclusion practices, ensure the problem will never happen again.

Dead Animal Removal

It is very important to remove dead animals from inside and around your house, not only for the obvious reasons of odor and appearance, but also to protect you and your family from potential disease exposure. Similarly, failure to address the presence of a dead animal will result in additional problems, not limited to the attraction of a variety of insects and scavengers hoping to feed off the rotting remains.



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