We can solve your problems by setting live, humane traps and safely relocating the animal. We will repair all the damage, seal the house and get rid of the odors so you won’t have to. We guarantee our work!

Volunteer Wildlife Control is in the business of solving peoples Wildlife or Wildlife Control problems. We work though the East Tennessee Area and we have a profound love for what we do. Volunteer Wildlife Control uses proven techniques that are safe for your family and pets. Our trapping and removal services include, but are not limited to, Bats, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, Birds, Wasps and Bees. We have a commitment to providing quality and affordable wildlife control which makes us the best choice for Home Owners, Property Managers, Businesses and Government facilities. We are here to serve all of your wildlife needs.

  • We love Wildlife but understand that their home should not be your home
  • We educate people about the Wildlife in your area
  • We offer complete animal control solutions to your animal problems. Trapping, repairs to your home, barriers, so animals can not get back in, bio-hazard clean up and more. We want to give you a great job from start to finish.
  • We take pride in our work and we absolutely GUARANTEE all of our work.
  • We also treat animals in the most humane way as possible.

Are there RACCOONS in your attic or under your house? Does it sound like they are tearing your house apart? Chances are they have opened up your air-conditioned lines and pulled the pipes apart. Raccoons also leave behind lots of feces and urine which leave a foul odor to linger throughout your home which can also draw new, unwanted animals into your home.

Have OPOSSUMS in your attic or under your house will not always make a lot of noise but you’ll know they’re there. Opossums may hide, die and decompose under your house leaving a very unpleasant smell. This large animal can tear through your insulation. They too, will leave their feces and urine behind. They also carry fleas and mites into your house.

Are SKUNKS living under your house or porch? Are you nervous when you walk outside that you’ll come face-to-face with a skunk? Volunteer Wildlife Control are experts in skunk control and skunk removal. They too, can tear up air-condition lines, destroy lawns, flower beds and gardens. They burrow under your home or storage buildings, leaving feces and urine behind.

Do the SQUIRRELS in your attic sounds like they have a race track up there? Squirrels love the attic because it provides a warm, dry safe place to live, store food, and have babies. There is an abundance of things to chew on in your attic; i.e: wires, pipes, and wood. It can be a nesting heaven. Squirrels can crawl and hide anywhere. They are aggressive chewers and will chew through drywall and electric wires causing a fire hazard. But even worse, they sometimes get trapped and die within the walls of your home, leaving behind a very pungent odor. Trapping squirrels and safely relocating them is our specialty. We professionally repair the damage they’ve caused , eliminate the odors that can potentially draw in new animals, and seal up your house so no future animal can enter.

Currently have RATS and MICE in your house? You know once they are in your house, they can go anywhere. You will normally find them in your kitchen looking for food. They crawl on your silverware, dishes, and counter tops. Rats and mice will eat your food. However, what is most disturbing is that they don’t have a bladder so they leave a trail of urine and feces wherever they walk. You will see the feces but won’t see the urine. Rats and mice are notorious for carrying diseases. Mice can enter any home. It normally has nothing to do with your living conditions, they just find ways to get in. With rats and mice we don’t use poisons we use kill traps. We believe it is the best way to get rid of them.

Do you have BATS in your attic or barn? Bats are great to have around your house but not in your home. Bats are good for the environment because they eat lots of insects. The problem with having bats is they produce tons of bat guano which they leave in your attic or attic entrance. Bat guano has a very strong ammonia smell. They carry diseases like rabies and carry mites as well as other bugs on their bodies which end up in your home. We will find out where the bats are entering your house, come back at dusk watch all the bats leave for the night. (They leave at dusk to feed, then come back right before the sun comes up to spend the day in your house). When they have left, we then seal up your house so they cannot get back in. We will come back the next day clean up all the bat guano and spray to eliminate all the odors.

Are there SNAKES in your house . Snakes normally have two reasons to enter your house first is just by chance and the other is to find food like mice and rats . If it is just by chance all they really want to do is get out . If they are looking for food they will leave when all the food is gone like mice and rats . But it is the whole idea of having a snake in your house while you are sleeping can just be very unsettling. It is very hard to catch a snake unless you keep your eye on them until we get there. .We can trap snakes but what is even better is to find out why the snake is there in the first place. If it is for food then we eliminate the food source. We will over your house with a fine tooth comb. When we feel confident the snake is not there, we will seal up your house to protect against future snake problems.

BIRDS are very good about finding nooks and crannies to build nest around your house which at first does not seem like a bad thing. However they will keep nesting there year after year leaving an abundance of bird feces that can and will pile up. Unfortunately snakes can start showing up looking for the babies or eat the eggs and before you know it, you have snake and bird problems in your house. Removal of the nest either before the birds lay eggs or after the baby birds have grown is best. We then clean up the mess and seal up the area so they cannot nest in your house any more.

BEES and WASPS when it comes to bees and wasp we tackle them head on! We quickly and efficiently eliminate the bees or wasp, destroy the nest and seal up the entry point so you will not encounter future bees or wasps entering that area again.